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Where can I share and store my data?

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Best practices for data sharing and long-term, archival storage recommend using discipline-specific repositories or institutional repositories that provide stable identifiers and guarantee long-term storage. Not all disciplines have repositories tailored to their research output, so it may be necessary to find a broad repository such as Figshare or Zenodo. Check out Re3Data for a list of repositories: Similarly, not all institutions have repositories. It is important to consider long-term preservation, discoverability and access when choosing a repository. For storing data that one or more researchers are actively working with, check out the options provided by your institution. It may have a license with Box, Dropbox, or other cloud provider to enabling easy collaboration; it might also provide a disk-based system that your IT department backs up regularly. When deciding the best location(s) for the data, keep in mind any security concerns (e.g., do the data contain personal or export controlled information?) as well as the best practice for safeguarding against loss: the 3-2-1 rule, which you can learn more about here: