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We have a senior sponsored program administrator looking for a storage platform to support the ACTIVE research phase. It must have: scalable storage, version control, distributed authentication, and discovery during active research. Does this exist?

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The Active Research Phase often has different requirements from the last phase (archive the finished project materials). Security (sometimes encription) may be required by some funders, as well as large amounts of storage space, sharing options (including sharing with co-workers at other universities, and in other countries), limited roles for read/write privileges, secure backup and versioning. Three platforms may meet these needs: the Open Science Framework (OSF:, SEAD ( and Dataverse ( They have collaborative working spaces that allow for various levels of permissions, version control, and the option to make a project public or private. Other possibilities that could work - depending on the data and the needs of the researchers - include Box, DropBox, and FigShare, although they may not be able to accommodate all the requirements detailed in the question.