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Are there any "library domain data journals" where a librarian could publish/describe their data? Or a library journal that has a "dataset" as a publication type? I know about journals like Data in Brief, Dataset Papers in Science, Scientific Data

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I am not aware of any data journals in librarianship, although I frequently see data sets from librarians published in their institutional repositories (example: and ICPSR (example: As well, some library journals strongly encourage the submission of datasets as supplementary to the publication (example: The Journal of eScience Librarianship also allows for research data as a supplemental file:


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It may be worth contacting the brand new "Journal of New Librarianship" ( says that it "...the journal hopes to publish a wide variety of content from a wide variety of librarians from public, special, academic and other libraries, including: peer-reviewed articles; essays; opinion pieces; book reviews; and content in a variety of formats, including text, video, podcasts, etc." RIO (Research Ideas and Outcomes) is another possible avenue to explore.  Other than that, no. I do not belive there is an established data paper journal for library and information science, yet.