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What DMP guidelines do you recommend for a proposal to the NSF Environmental Engineering program? Would the PI follow the DMP guidelines for the Engineering Directorate or the general NSF guidance?

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DMP templates and guidance for NSF follow the following hierarchy:

Use specific Data Management directions in the solicitation (f it exists, if not….
Check for specific Division requirements (if they exist, if not….
Check for specific Directorate requirements (if the exist, if not….
Use the NSF Generic template and guidance

In the case you ask about,  the “Environmental Engineering” program, first check the solicitation. If there isn’t anything specific about a Data Management plan, then use the DMP Guidance for the Engineering Directorate.

Rationale: This program is in the “Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems" Division which doesn’t have specific guidance. The Directorate for this Division is Engineering and it does have specific guidance. So use that.