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Are there institutions that have implemented a combination of institutional repository and data repository using Dspace? Our library uses Dspace for publications and we want to know more on how/what are the challenges in implementing a combination repo?

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The University of Minnesota Library is using Dspace for both open access and data. The University Digital Conservancy ( contains (per their website) open access articles, university documents, dissertations, and more. The Data Repository for U of M (DRUM) is found here:  Information on the implementation, including the business model, functional requirements and metadata schema for their data repository is documented here:


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The biggest problem you'll run into is that DSpace's object model is rudimentary, since the envisioned paradigm use case was the single-file PDF. Complex objects and relationship metadata have not been at all well-supported. Similarly, the lack of a file-interaction API makes it hard to build complex interactions atop files stored in DSpace -- even something as (relatively) simple as audio or video streaming becomes a giant production involving much hackery. DSpace does now have versioning capacity, so it can handle more of the lifecycle than formerly, but ease of use may be an issue there. Batch metadata editing is also available finally. Frankly, an organization serious about data shouldn't be trying to goose DSpace into doing things it's not designed for. If it's what you have, it's what you have -- but be prepared to disappoint people.