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Anyone have/know of a good list of journals that require data deposit?

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The list of journals that include data sharing mandates, recommendations, or guidance in their instructions to authors is growing all the time, and their policies for how to indicate the location of the data are quite varied. Some journals have created a special section of the article (see the "Data accessibility" section in the journal Molecular Ecology), others ask that pointers to data be placed in the References list or Acknowledgments, while others expect nothing more than in-text mentions in the Methods or Results sections. Community standards are also highly dependent on data type - for example, journal editors expect and more rigorously enforce the inclusion of GenBank accession numbers than they do R scripts and code. A partial list of journal policies can be found in the Open Access Directory: The following crowd-sourced spreadsheet is more complete: However, this is a rapidly changing landscape and there's no single authoritive list. Regarding the effects of journal data sharing policies, you may be interested in the following article: